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Black Rifle Media offers comprehensive marketing and full-service branding. Whether you're looking for a powerful, yet professional, logo to accurately depict your company, or would like help establishing a web/social media presence our professional team is here to help. Our highly experienced brand consultants and marketing agents are always willing to provide guidance so that you can take control of your customer outreach.
The professionals at Black Rifle media will help manage your branding and marketing needs so that you can focus on managing your business.

Our Process

A Black Rifle Media Marketing/Branding professional will work hand in hand with you through every step of our unique process. We are dedicated to delivering a more personal experience than you could receive elsewhere. We treat your company like it is ours. You will find that every one of our agents are passionate about growing your customer base.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Listen: We will listen to you and hear what exactly you are trying to accomplish. This will help us to find the perfect solution tailored to you.


Learn: Our professionals will study your company in order to understand your goals and values. This helps us represent your company on a more personal level.


Plan: Based off the information we gathered we will devise a plan. Once we are certain that our plan is the best course of action we will present it to you and see how you feel about what we came up with.

Test: This is where everything begins to come together. We take action to implement the solution we felt would work best to fit your needs.


Record: We will then observe how our strategy is effecting your number or customers or web traffic. We will report our observations to you as often as you would like.


Optimize: At this point we take action based off of what we observed during the record phase. We will continue to repeat these steps for as long as necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

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